Common Bee Questions

Bees come in all different shapes, sizes, and personalities!

Questions A-Z

  • What Happens if you kill a Queen Bee?
    Bees are one of the most orderly and organized creatures on Earth. They follow a simple but effective hierarchy; First, the queen bee, and then the workers. But what would happen if the queen bee no longer ceases to exist? Will chaos … Read more
  • Do Bees Like Clover?
    For many of us, our pristine lawns are a thing of joy and pride, so when weeds like clover begin to emerge, it can often set our blood pressure on the rise. However, before you grab the herbicide and blanket your lawn … Read more
  • Will Bees Move Into An Empty Hive?
    It’s very common for new beekeepers to wonder if bees will move into an empty hive. Starting a beehive without buying a swarm could save loads of money on the budget, and everyone loves freebies! However, you need to know how to … Read more
  • What Time Do Bees Go Away?
    Bees are incredible creatures who spend their entire life working for the common benefit of the hive and the bee society. Everything they do is centered around the beehive and ensuring that the queen bee is sustained and thriving, and even when … Read more
  • What Do You Call a Bee Farm?
    Most people you come across love honey and enjoy it in various ways, but they might not be aware of where it comes from. Well, it must be harvested from manufactured boxes that play the role of hives, and the place these … Read more
  • How To Calm Bees Without Smoke (4 Alternatives)
    We all know smoke is the most traditional way to keep any beekeeper’s bees calm, and it is a method that has been used for many years. However, many modern beekeepers have their reasons for not wanting to use smoke on their … Read more
  • Do Bees Die After Stinging?
    Have you ever gone for a lovely spring walk, the flowers blooming, birds singing, and bees buzzing? And during the said walk, did you ever feel a sudden, inexplicable, piercing pain, followed by a burning, throbbing sensation, to which you found a … Read more
  • Do All Bees Die After They Sting? (or just Honeybees?)
    Although revered for their crucial ecological work, bees cause a great deal of fear. Their stings can pack a punch, and if you are allergic to them, they could cause severe anaphylaxis. You may have heard bees die after they sting, but … Read more
  • Do Bees Have Knees? (Meaning Of Bee’s Knees)
    It’s quite a question and one that is hard to get serious about! But the more one thinks about it, and the more one looks at the origins of the phrase “the bees’ knees,” the more interesting it becomes. It’s not a … Read more
  • Do Bees Sleep?
    During the summer months, I am continually fascinated by the little bees as they buzz from one flower to the next, collecting nectar and pollen for their nest. These energetic creatures are always so busy and on the go. And I often … Read more
  • Do Honey Bees Sting?
    Not all bees sting. Therefore, it is understandable to want to know if one of the most well-known bee species, the honey bee, can sting. Discover if these seemingly sweet-looking honey bees can sting by continuing to read. Honey bees do sting. … Read more
  • Can Bees Sense Fear?
    You’ve probably been told that a bee is more scared of you than you are of it, which is true, as with most insects and animals. Perhaps you heard bees could sense your fear, and they intentionally sting scared people. One thing … Read more
  • What Do Bees Eat In The Winter?
    Have you ever wondered where the super busy honey bees go when winter arrives? For three quarters of the year, we see them buzzing around, pollinating flowers, and drinking the sweet nectar that mother nature provides in abundance. They don’t hibernate like … Read more
  • What Are Hives Made Of?
    There are roughly 25 000 different bee species worldwide, some of which are known for living in large colonies that can house thousands of bees. In the wild, bees live in what we call nests, but some bees opt to live in … Read more
  • Do Bumblebees Bite?
    Since bumblebees are usually bigger and broader than honeybees, it can be a bit intimidating to have them buzzing about when you’re gardening. Because of their larger size compared to a honeybee, it is natural to wonder if they deliver an amplified … Read more
  • Do Bees Poop?
    Isn’t it frustrating when you’re eating a delicious bit of honey, and your brain hits you with a curveball like, “Do bees poop? And if they do, what are you eating?” Similar questions have been plaguing people for centuries, especially those who … Read more
  • Are Bees Insects?
    Did you know that there are approximately 17 000 different species of bees? The most well-known bee is the western honey bee, whom we can thank for providing us with delicious honey. A common question plaguing many peoples’ minds is whether or … Read more
  • Will Bees Sting For No Reason?
    Most people will be able to remember a time in their childhood when they had been stung by a bee. While it is not common to get stung by a bee, it is uncomfortable. During the summer, you may notice your garden … Read more
  • Why Do Beekeepers Use Smoke?
    When beekeepers do their daily job of retrieving honey, they are always cautious and with good reason. Getting stung by not one but hundreds of bees is not the ideal outcome any person would want. However, as a beginner or professional beekeeper, … Read more
  • Why Are Beehives Hexagonal?
    Beehives are one of nature’s wonders, and their complexity and functionality have bewildered and amazed scientists for centuries. One of the burning questions finally answered was why the hive is hexagonally shaped. Beehives are hexagonal as this shape provides the most efficient … Read more
  • What Temperature Do Bees Come Out?
    Similar to most other living things on earth, bees are sensitive to temperature and changes in temperature. Just like humans, prolonged exposure to extreme temperatures can be potentially life-threatening to these lovable little bugs. Luckily, they have also built-up resilience to the … Read more
  • Is Beeswax Safe For Dogs?
    “Minding your own beeswax” may be a statement you say to someone who irritates you, but the object of the affirmation is anything but irritating. A by-product of the honey-making process, beeswax is an all-natural product that has many benefits and is … Read more
  • How Long Do Bees Live?
    There are various types of bees that we shall touch on, but the main one we shall look at is the humble honey bee that tirelessly toils away to make delicious honey. You may live in an area with plenty of bees, … Read more
  • How Long Do Bee Swarms Stay?
    Swarming is a natural process of bees increasing in numbers. It is a healthy event, and although it is dramatic, it can be fun to observe. However, you may not be a fan of a bunch of bees taking residence in your … Read more
  • How Do Bees Reproduce?
    Whether you’re looking to become a beekeeper or simply have an ornate fascination with bees, one of the most exciting aspects about these little insects is their reproductive cycles. So, how exactly do bees reproduce? For honeybees, the queen bee will fly … Read more
  • Do Queen Bees Sting?
    If you’ve ever had the unfortunate scenario where you were stung by a bee, you would know firsthand that it’s not a pleasant experience. You might wonder what type of bee stung you, blaming everyone from the male drones, the worker bees, … Read more
  • Do Bees Fly At Night?
    Although bees are incredibly active during the day, you may have noticed that you rarely, if ever, see bees foraging and flying around after dark. You’ll never hear the familiar buzzing sound around the garden at night. This might lead you to … Read more
  • Do Honeybees Make Honey?
    You may have heard that not all bees make honey. This may have come as a shock because honey is synonymous with bees. However, now you may be questioning which bees do make honey. Specifically, do honeybees make honey? Of the 20,000 … Read more
  • Do Wasps Pollinate Flower?
    Wasps are often seen as a nuisance, causing unrest and pain. Wasps are particularly resented when everyone wants to enjoy their meals outside during summertime. However, what role do wasps play in the ecosystem other than being used for pest control? Do … Read more
  • Why Do Bees Make Honey?
    Honey is lovely, sweet nectar that humans have been eating for thousands of years. Gathered from honeycombs, we often admire the bees for their hard work producing this liquid gold. However, have you ever considered why exactly bees make honey?  Bees make … Read more
  • Bee Bearding – What it is and What it means
    Whether you’re a beekeeper or an admirer of bees, the truth remains that bees have an impressive record of living according to a unique structure that aids their colony’s survival. Bearding bees is one of these fascinating aspects that my beekeeping experiences … Read more
  • How Do Bees Make Honeycomb?
    Whether you’re a professional beekeeper or simply a bee hobbyist, you may have wondered how bees make honeycomb. Honeycomb is the name for the waxy part of a beehive that the bees use to store nectar and honey. The honeycomb is made … Read more
  • Is Honey Vegan?
    Whether honey is vegan is a commonly asked question that many people wonder about, no matter if they are vegan themselves or not. Veganism has a somewhat flexible definition, making it a little difficult to determine whether some foods can be considered … Read more
  • Why Do Bees Leave Their Hive?
    Whether you’re simply wondering what bees do when they aren’t in their hive, or you own honey bees who have suddenly disappeared from their hive, this article will let you know why bees leave their hives. First, we’ll cover the normal reasons … Read more
  • Do Bees Like Sunflowers?
    If you have sunflowers and are interested in bees, you might have wondered if bees appreciate pollen and nectar from sunflowers. Like most flowers, sunflowers are very attractive to bees, especially because they are yellow and bees prefer flowers that are yellow, … Read more
  • What Attracts Bees?
    Whether you are a beekeeper or simply have a garden and you want bees to visit your plants and flowers, you may have wondered what attracts bees. Luckily, there is a great deal of information about how to attract bees to your … Read more
  • What Does Honey Sell For?
    Determining the price of honey is a slightly tricky business, as there are many types of honey and many ways to buy honey. Depending on whether you’re buying wholesale or retail, the price of honey will vary. Additionally, depending on if you … Read more
  • What Happens When a Queen Bee Dies?
    Whether you are a beekeeper or are simply interested in bees, you may have wondered what happens when a queen bee dies. When queen bees die, the most typical result is that the colony acts quickly to replace her by raising eggs … Read more
  • How To Wash a Beekeeping Suit
    If you own a beekeeping suit or are looking to purchase one, you might be wondering how to wash such an important piece of equipment. Luckily, it is pretty easy to wash a beekeeping suit, and this article will walk you through … Read more
  • How Much Does a Bee Fly?
    We all know that bees fly, but how much exactly? Whether you’re just curious about bees, or you’re a beekeeper wanting to know exactly how much your bees fly in a day, we have the answers. A honey bee worker can fly … Read more
  • What Do Bees Do in the Winter?
    Whether you are a beekeeper curious about your honey bees’ behavior in the winter, or you are more generally interested in what different kinds of bees do in the winter, this article is for you! Depending on what type of bee we … Read more
  • How Much Honey Does a Hive Produce?
    Whether you’re a professional beekeeper or simply interested in bees, you may be wondering how much honey a hive of bees can produce. While there are many factors that affect the amount of honey that one hive can produce in a year, … Read more
  • How Much Honey Does a Bee Produce?
    You may have wondered how much honey a single bee can make in a day or in its lifetime, especially if you are a beekeeper trying to figure out how much honey your bees will produce. There are many factors that affect … Read more
  • Is Honey Good for Your Face?
    Honey is one of the best natural treatments for acne and dry or oily skin, making it appropriate for use on all types of skin. Honey can help scars to fade and even out your skin tone on your face. The best … Read more
  • Is Honey Good for a Cut?
    You may have heard somewhere that honey is a good treatment for cuts and wounds, and you might be wondering if this is actually true. Luckily, we have answers for all of your questions about honey as a treatment for wounds! Because … Read more
  • Can Queen Bees Fly?
    We all know that most honey bees can fly, but what about queen honey bees? You may have wondered if queen bees are even capable of flying, since it is fairly rare to see them fly. Yes, queen bees can and do … Read more
  • Do Bees Hibernate?
    We’ve all seen bees buzzing around in the summer months, but where do they go in the winter? Do they hibernate, like some mammals? How do bees survive the winter? You may have asked yourself these questions if you’re interested in bees. … Read more
  • How to Identify a Queen Bee
    If you know a bit about bees, you know how important queen bees are. They produce all the offspring for a hive, meaning that without them, the colony will die off. There are many reasons one might want to identify a queen … Read more
  • Can You Freeze Honey?
    If you have honey sitting around in your house that you aren’t using very quickly, you might be wondering if it’s safe to freeze the honey. Especially if your honey is crystallizing quickly and becoming difficult to use, you might be looking … Read more
  • How to Keep Honey from Crystallizing
    If you regularly consume honey, you might have noticed that sometimes after long periods of storage time, it becomes less liquid and gets a bit crunchy and thick. This is called crystallization. While crystallized honey is still completely safe to consume and … Read more
  • Do Bumblebees Sting?
    If you’ve ever been close to a bumblebee, you may have wondered if they sting the way that honey bees do. Especially if you’re allergic to bees, this is an important question to know the answer to. Read on for information about … Read more
  • Can You Eat Beeswax?
    If you’re interested in bees, and all of the many edible products that they make, you might be wondering if you can eat beeswax. We know honey, is edible, but what about beeswax? Beeswax is indeed completely safe to eat! The FDA … Read more
  • What is the Fear of Bees Called?
    The fear of bees is called apiphobia, and it is one of the most common phobias regarding insects and animals. A phobia is an intense, irrational, and specific fear of something that is probably not actually dangerous. People are afraid of bees … Read more
  • Is Beekeeping Profitable?
    If you’re considering starting your own beekeeping business, you might be wondering if it’s even a profitable business to be a part of. You’re in luck, because this article will answer all of your questions on this topic and more! Beekeeping is … Read more
  • How Many Eyes Does a Bee Have?
    Most species of bees have five eyes. Bees typically have two compound eyes, which sit on the sides of its head, as well as three ocelli, which sit on their forehead in a small triangle shape. It is easy to miss ocelli … Read more
  • What Do Bees Do With Pollen? 
    In short, bees don’t purposefully collect pollen, it is a consequence of them travelling from one flower to another eating the nectar that the flowers produce. The pollen sticks to the bee’s legs and bodies, allowing the bee to pollinate many flowers while giving them a sweet reward.