Types of Honey

Honey ranges from all different flavors, scents, and textures. Browse our articles to learn more about each!

Honey A-Z

  • Is Honey Good For Weight Loss?
    Honey has a long history in healing, ranging from sore throats to chest infections and wound treatment, but is it any good for weight loss? Many people assume that since honey is a natural product with so many health benefits, it can assist you in losing weight, too. Replacing … Read more
  • Is Fermented Honey Safe To Eat?
    Fermented foods have made a big splash for their benefits to health and digestion. With the popularity of organic foods such as honey already at an all-time high, you may be wondering whether fermented honey is safe to eat and whether it has any benefits. Fermented honey is safe … Read more
  • Does Honey Need To Be Refrigerated?
    Honey’s delicate flavors, pure colors, and aroma are a natural wonder. The exotic tastes of honey are straight from nature – nectars of wildflowers, fruit and nut blossoms, lavenders, and shrubs. A jar of honey, the golden nectar, is prized as a gift, symbolic of riches, and has profound … Read more
  • What Is Unfiltered Honey?
    I remember the wonderful taste of thick, sweet honey on my breakfast pancakes when I was a young child. And even now that I am an adult, nothing beats the taste of honey on a slice of warm toast. When shopping for honey, I am sure you have been … Read more
  • What Food Group Is Honey In?
    Honey is a natural food item that many people rely on as a healthy alternative to sugar. This ancient old liquid gold is delicious and chock full of nutritional benefits. But, first, it’s essential to understand the restrictions – knowing which food group it belongs to is the perfect … Read more
  • Can Cats Have Honey?
    You’ve heard of the health benefits of honey for people, but does honey offer the same benefits to cats? When thinking of some yummy treats to feed your feline friend, you may wonder if cats can have honey? Honey isn’t toxic for cats. However, there aren’t any scientifically proven … Read more
  • Babies And Honey (Can they have it? Why not?)
    Honey is a fantastic natural sweetener, and many parents prefer this option to sugar in their children’s diet. When it comes to giving babies honey, there are a few things that you should find out beforehand. Babies younger than one year old do not have fully developed digestive systems, … Read more
  • What Does Honey Taste Like?
    Honey is delicious and used in various dishes, drinks, and sauces. However, if you’ve ever asked or been asked to describe the taste of honey, you might be left scratching your head to think of the right words. So what does honey taste like? Depending on where the honey … Read more
  • What Do Bees Use Honey For?
    Besides buzzing around all day and busying themselves with keeping plants and crops pollinated, Honey bees also make a golden elixir, which we call honey. This sugary, sweet goodness does not just taste exceptional but also offers us many health benefits. However, although we know that we have uses … Read more
  • How To Eat Honeycomb?
    If you’ve ever been to your local health store or farmer’s market, you may have noticed that there are packages that sell honeycombs. If you have never tried comb honey before, you may wonder what it tastes like and how do you eat it? The best way to eat … Read more
  • How Long Does Honey Last?
    Regardless of what it is, stale bread, a half-gallon of milk that has gone sour, or vegetables that are no longer fit for consumption, food wastage is something we should desperately try to avoid. Products sometimes pass their expiration date, and there is nothing we can do but toss … Read more
  • Does Honey Break A Fast?
    As somebody who has struggled with weight loss in the past, the idea of intermittent fasting was intriguing. No diets, no off-limit foods, just a particular window in which you can eat, and the pounds will melt off. However, staying in a fasting state is more complicated than it … Read more
  • Tupelo Honey (Pics + Guide)
    Tupelo swirls with legendary tales, 1970s folk-rock, and theatre; even the famous Elvis Presley comes from a small town in Mississippi called Tupelo. But have you ever come across the distinct, premium-priced Tupelo honey found in the dark Southern swamps? Your perspective of honey will be changed forever! Tupelo … Read more
  • What is Royal Jelly? (Images + Uses)
    Most people are well versed with the golden-delicious honey bees produce; however, did you know that honey is not the only sugar-rich product found in beehives. Royal jelly, a substance that bees have expertly created for millennia, is highly sought after by humans for numerous reasons. So if you’re … Read more
  • What is Manuka Honey? (Images + Info)
    Manuka honey has seen much coverage in the media about its health and diet benefits and its different flavor compared to normal honey. Is manuka honey the natural healing wonder that it is marketed to be? We will examine what manuka honey is, where it comes from and whether … Read more
  • What is Beeswax? (Uses, Images, Benefits)
    It’s roughly estimated that pollinators, primarily bees, are responsible for one out of every three bites of food because of their extraordinary pollinating abilities. This characteristic itself makes our little honeybees one of the marvelous creatures on our planet! However, it doesn’t stop there; they also provide us with … Read more
  • What is Toxic Honey? (Mad Honey)
    On the soaring heights of the Nepal mountainsides and the Black Sea region of Turkey, bees produce a sweet yet strangely dangerous concoction -mad honey -that will give you the spins! Although few people have heard of or tasted mad honey, it has been around since ancient times. Toxic … Read more
  • Purple Honey Guide (Benefits + Images + Research)
    Honey comes in subtle shades of yellow, liquid gold, and deep orange-amber hues depending on the colors, flavors, and terroirs of the many flowers that honey bees visit when foraging. However, there are tell-tales of rare purple honey from the south-eastern states. According to the lucky few that were … Read more
  • Which Honey Tastes the Sweetest? (Images + Chart)
    Honey is viscous, sweet, liquid gold! The different varieties boast wildly distinct flavors and noteworthy differences due to specific regions and unique flora. So, while some honey varieties have a light and sweet profile with gentle floral accents, others exhibit layers of prominent flavors that develop and linger into … Read more
  • Blackberry Honey Guide (Benefits + Images + Research)
    Many of us are familiar with the fruits of Blackberry bushes, but did you know that the honey that bees make from Blackberry blossoms is highly sought after? Honey is a phenomenal product. We sweeten foods and beverages with it, but we also use honey and the beneficial properties … Read more
  • Buckwheat Honey Guide (Benefits + Images + Research)
    Sweet and gooey raw honey is not all the same -it’s incredible how the pollination source drastically influences honey’s color, taste, and texture. Honey sommeliers say that buckwheat honey is something you either love or hate! If you’re a honey devotee that enjoys experimenting with various honey varieties, be … Read more
  • Bumblebee Honey Guide (Images + Research)
    Bumblebees are the gentle, fuzzy-buzzy, black-and-yellow giants of the bee world. Like Honeybees, they live in social colonies with a single queen, female worker-bees, and male drone-bees. Unlike Honeybees, they do not make honey. They are excellent pollinators that collect nectar and pollen. They do not store this as … Read more
  • Fireweed Honey Guide (Benefits + Images + Research)
    The resilient fireweed plant is often referred to as a phoenix rising from the ashes. The fireweed plant is one of the first flowers to emerge after a devastating fire -living proof that charm and beauty can emerge from ashes. Along with its charisma, fireweed offers rich nectar irresistible … Read more
  • Goldenrod Honey Guide (Benefits + Images + Research)
    A blanket of yellow nodding blooms starts to pop up in meadows and gardens, or you may find them growing wildly on the roadsides. The genus Solidago, better known as the goldenrod, is a flower that blooms as the last blossoms in fall. Although this plant is often used … Read more
  • Melipona Honey Guide (Benefits + Images + Research)
    Even small children understand the basics of honey: worker bees (always female) venture out of the hive where they collect pollen to make honey stored in honeycombs. The worker bees have a stinger, and if they use it, they die. However, the Melipona honey missed this “how to be … Read more
  • Sourwood Honey Guide (Benefits + Images + Research)
    The best part about honey is that no two batches taste the same; plant species play a fundamental role in determining what type of honey we end up with, its flavor, etc. So let’s explore the award-winning Sourwood honey and find out what makes it so great. Sourwood honey … Read more
  • Wildflower Honey Guide (Benefits + Images + Research)
    Spring is in the air, and the familiar sound of buzzing gets you thinking about that golden nectar. The aromatic smell of meadows covered in wildflowers makes you long for the sweetness of the wildflower honey you finished with your last cup of tea. Wildflower honey is a light, … Read more